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Canadian Mint News- Feb 2018

Canadian Mint News

The Royal Canadian Mint produces all the coins circulating in Canada. It is a crown corporation which is operating under the Royal Canadian Mint Act. The mint also produces circulation coins on behalf of other nations. A key reason why coin collectors should keep track of Canadian mint news.

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Online Auctions…the wave of the present

How Online Auctions are Changing How We Buy Things in The United States

We often shop online, just go through products lists on e-commerce websites, view and purchase them in an instant. You can find almost anything online today. People sell everything from electronics to foodstuff,

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First-Day Covers

What Are The United States “First-Day Covers”

Stamps have over the years been a representation of the country, the times or period they are in, as well as to recognize outstanding individuals and monuments. Stamps may be used to describe a nation. They change over time,

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Big Maple Leaf, it’s worth a lot

Big Maple Leaf

It’s Worth What?

I am sure most of you have seen the story by now about the “Bit Maple Leaf” and how it was stolen from the Bode Museum in Berlin. If not summary = gold coin weighing 220+ lbs. stolen.

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Asking for help, and gaining knowledge

seeking help


ipsa scientia potestas est

Know it all….In school when you were called that, it was not a good thing. I find it funny that later in life we sometimes feel we have to know the answers to all of the questions.

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Hard Times & Civil War Tokens

Hard Times & Civil War Tokens
Hard Times

During economic or political turmoil, coins sometimes are hoarded by the general population. Without circulating coinage, everyday commerce becomes difficult because there may be no money available for people to spend. When this happens tokens are used in place of coinage.

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Coin Values

Coin Values

A lot of people ask me all the time what are coins worth, and if there is money in coins. I try not to giggle at the last one. But it is a reasonable question for those not in the field.

Coins, you see,

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Exonumia: Its Not Just Stuff



What Is It

No, it’s not a wild new pet. Exonumia is numismatic items other than coins and paper money. It’s all the other “stuff,” tokens, medals, scrip (room to argue here), and the like.  They come from private businesses,

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Guerrilla Currency

philguerilla5arFun Fact: In the Philippines during WWII loyal civilian and military forces made emergency/guerilla currency. If the Japanese, who occupied the islands for a time, found you in possession of these notes, they most likely would torture or kill you.

Backgroundus v japan

OK so this is not the happiest note to start off the blog today,

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Branch Mint Gold

Branch Mintsss_ny_gold

Gold coins have been produced at many mints in the US (Carson City, Charlotte, Dahlonega, Denver, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and San Francisco), however, in the world of coin collection, the sites that have minted coins from local ore are just a few.

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