RESULTS- JWR Estate Numismatic Collection - Centennial Auctions

RESULTS- JWR Estate Numismatic Collection

Coins, Currency & Exonumia

Features US & Other Gold; Modern Great Britain & Israel Coinage; US Type; Proof & Mint Sets & more. Over 1,000 lots.

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Began: 11/13/18 at 4:30 PM EST
Location: Holiday Inn Ballroom, 9 Northeastern Blvd., Nashua, NH 03062

Highlights include:

Half Cents: 1855, MS-60RD;

Large Cents: 1849, MS-64BN;

Small Cents: 1863, PCHS MS-64; 1876, NGC AU-50BN; 1877, EF, planchet issues; 1909 VDB, ICG MS-67RD; 1909S Horizontal S, PCGS MS-65RD; 1942, PCGS PR-66RD; 

Half Dimes: 1859, PCGS PR-65, stunning electric tone; 1872S, Below, NGC MS-64;

Dimes: 1837 No Stars; ANACS VF-35; 1942/1, EF; 

Twenty Cents: 1875S, MS-63;

Quarters: 1835, NGC XF-40; 

Half Dollars: 1806/5 Large Stars, O-103, PCGS AU-50; 1817, O-111a, NGC MS-64; 1828 Square Base 2, Small 8, AU-58; 1837 Reeded Edge, NGC Uncirculated Details; 1854 Arrows, AU-58; 1857O, MS-60; 1886, NGC AU-50;

Commemoratives: 1937 Antietam, PCGS MS-63; 1935/34S Boone, PCGS MS-65; 1936 Bridgeport, PCGS MS-67; 1936D Cincinnati, NGC MS-66; 1935 Connecticut, NGC MS-65; 

Early Dollars: 1848, VF; 1870CC, EF-40; 

Trade Dollars: 1875S, NGC Uncirculated Details; 1876S, NGC Uncirculated Details; 1877S, NGC AU-55; 1882, NGC PF-63; 

Dollars: 1878 7TF Reverse of 1879, NGC MS-63*; 1878CC, NGC MS-62; 1879CC Capped CC, EF, cleaned; (2) 1880S, NGC MS-65 & PCGS MS-63; 1889S, PCGS MS-63; 1890S, PCGS MS-65; 1935, MS-65; 

US Gold:

  • $1.00: 1851O & 1855, Uncirculated; 1861, NGC MS-62; 1899, PCGS MS-63; 
  • $2.50: 1905, PCGS MS-64;
  • $3.00: 1854, AU-55; 1856, NGC AU-55; 1878, NGC AU-58; 
  • $10.00: 1901S, PCGS MS-64; 1907 Indian, Uncirculated; 
  • $20.00: 1889, Uncirculated; 1927, NGC MS-64; 1928, MS-62; 
  • over (30) modern gold sets

World Gold: 1711 & (2) 1924 Netherlands-Utrecht Ducat from East India Akerendamshipwreck, all MS-60; 

Other Gold: Over (25) gold medale from 1/4 oz. to 1 oz.

Canada: Five Cents: 1875H Large Date, Fine; and more;

Russia: Rouble: 1859 Nicholas I Memorial, Y-28, NGC AU-55; 

Albums & Sets:

  • 1909 VDB-1995S Lincoln Cent set, Circulated-BU & late date Proof;
  • 1913 Type 1-1938D Buffalo Nickel Partial set, Circulated-BU;
  • 1916-1945S MicroS Mercury set, Circulated-BU;
  • 1892-1916S Barber Quarter set, Circulated, with grades to VF;
  • 1892-1915S Barber Half Dollar set, Circulated and complete;
  • 1948-1963D Franklin Set, BU, mostly Choice and Gem;
  • 1921-1935S Peace Dollar set, Mostly slabbed in binder, between MS-61 and MS-64+;

Proof & Mint sets; 90%, 40%, BU Rolls and other silver; Exonumia; Quantity modern Great Britain and Israel coinage; over 1,000 lots.


1. This is a public auction, including absentee bids, conducted by Centennial Auctions (“Centennial”). Centennial is operated by Scofield Auctions, Inc. The principal auctioneer is Stephen H. Schofield, NH #2272.
2. All floor bidders must register with the clerk and receive a bidder number.
3. A Fifteen Percent (15%) Buyer’s Premium will be added to the hammer price of each lot and shall be paid by the buyer as part of the purchase price.
4. Bids are conducted by numbered lot and no lots shall be broken. All bidders are urged to closely inspect each lot of interest.
5. Centennial sells at a rate of approximately two hundred (200) lots per hour. If you are attending in person, plan your bidding accordingly.
6. Centennial is not responsible for any errors in bidding. Bidders are responsible for bidding on the correct lot numbers; please reference the auction catalog to avoid any confusion.
7. The auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw any item before or during the sale, to regulate the bidding, to bid on behalf of the owner, to combine lots, and to accept or reject any and all bids.
8. Centennial reserves the right to postpone the auction. There shall be no recourse as a result of any such postponement.
9. The record of the sale kept by Centennial will be taken as final in the event of any dispute.
10. Non-certified items are graded by Centennial using Photograde, American Numismatic Association Grading Standards, and over 65 years of experience. Centennial recognizes that opinions on grading may differ and that grading is not an exact science. Certified items may not be returned because of possible differences of opinion with respect to grade.
11. Centennial guarantees that all cataloged items are authentic, unless noted otherwise.
12. Upon the fall of the hammer, or when the Auctioneer says “sold,” title to the property shall pass to the highest bidder. The auctioneer shall have sole discretion in deciding the successful bidder in the event of a bidding dispute. Auctioneer’s determination of the successful bidder shall be the final determination of the successful bidder.
13. All floor purchases must be paid in full and removed from the premises on the day of sale. Payment shall be in cash, bank or traveler’s checks, wire transfers, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card. Credit card charges will be limited to Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00). Personal checks may be acceptable if credit has been established with Centennial prior to sale. Centennial reserves the right to hold merchandise purchased by check until funds are collected. All dollar amounts shall be referenced and paid in the legal tender of the United States of America.
14. Centennial charges Thirty Dollars ($30.00) for returned checks. Anyone passing a bad check will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Buyer agrees to pay any and all charges and expenses incurred, including, without limitation, reasonable collections, and/or attorneys’ fees.
15. Absentee bid sheets must be signed and dated. Unsigned bid sheets are invalid and bids will not be executed. Frivolous bids, not remotely commensurate with value, will be rejected.
16. Absentee bids shall be executed competitively against other bidders. Absentee bidders may bid in whole dollars only. Any absentee bids that do not conform to the auctioneers’ increments, shall be rounded down to the nearest conforming bid, e.g. an absentee bid of $92.00 would become $90.00. Bidding increments are dependent upon lot valuation and the auctioneer’s right to regulate the bidding.
17. Absentee bids are recorded in the order received. When identical bids are tendered, the earliest postmark or lot viewing date takes precedence. Floor bids, at the discretion of Centennial, may take precedence over absentee bids. Phone bidding must be pre-arranged at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the auction.
18. Any shipping, handling, and insurance charges are the buyer’s responsibility and shall be paid by each absentee bidder. Minimum shipping charge is Five Dollars ($5.00). Prices may be adjusted in accordance with the size, weight, value, and quantity of lots purchased. Purchased items shall be shipped within two (2) business days of the receipt of guaranteed funds. Personal checks must clear before shipment is made. Third party checks are not acceptable for payment of an absentee bidder’s invoice.
19. Successful absentee bidders will be invoiced no later than two (2) business days after the auction. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. Invoices not paid within seven (7) business days of receipt of invoice will be considered delinquent. Delinquent payment will negate return privileges.
20. Lots marked with NR after the description are SOLD AS IS- NO RETURNS, NO EXCEPTIONS.
21. Property shall be displayed for thorough public inspection and sold as is, where is, and without recourse for any refund or reduction of the sale price for either floor bidders or absentee bidders who have previewed the auction lots. The only exceptions are lots where winning bidders have a question as to the authenticity of any portion of the lot.
22. Within three (3) days of receipt of goods, absentee bidders, who have not previewed lots, who wish to return any lots, must contact Centennial by telephone. Failure to call will negate any and all return privileges. All lots must be in their original auction lot holder.
23. Returns must be made within:
a. Twenty (20) days of the auction for absentee bidders (who have not previewed lots).
b. Seven (7) days of the auction for floor bidders (for reasons of authenticity only).
c. All items must be in the original auction lot holder. Any and all costs related to third party grading or authentication services is exclusively the buyer’s responsibility. If returns will take more than the time specified above, alternative arrangements must be made with Centennial prior to the deadline. Under no circumstances will a refund be given if a lot is returned after the deadline without such notification.
24. This auction is being conducted under appropriate state and local laws and the Uniform Commercial Code. Any additional terms or conditions of sale shall be announced prior to the auction. Bidding on any item indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions.
25. Venue and jurisdiction of all disputes: Any and all disputes which may arise by virtue of this auction sale or stemming from this auction sale shall be in the courts of New Hampshire.
26. The successful purchaser agrees to pay any and all reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by the auction company, the seller and/or their assigns, agents or employees in the commencement or defense of any actions hereunder as well as in the collection of any obligation hereunder.
27. By attending an event, you are giving Centennial and its affiliates permission to use your photographic image for any purpose, including advertising and marketing campaigns. These images may be shared and stored on third-party platforms. Should you not wish to appear in any images, please notify the photographer at the event.
28. I agree to receive emails from Scofield Auctions, Inc. regarding upcoming auctions.
29. These terms and conditions of sale take precedence over any other published terms and conditions.
Revised April 11, 2016


Take the Everett Turnpike to Exit 4. From the South, turn left to cross over the highway (from the North, turn right) and then right at the light at the Shell station. Go straight through the next light. The Holiday Inn is just past the McDonald’s on the right. For our out of town buyers, the Manchester Airport (MHT) is only a 25 minute drive from Nashua.
For room reservations, the Holiday Inn can be reached directly at (603) 888-1551. Tell them you’ll be attending the auction.

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1855 Half Cent Russia: 1859 Nicholas I Memorial Rouble 1889 $20.00, Uncirculated 1870CC Dollar 1849 Large 1c, MS-64BN

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1937 Antietam 50c, PCGS MS-63 1937 Antietam 50c, PCGS MS-63 1935/34S Boone 50c, PCGS MS-65 1935/34S Boone 50c, PCGS MS-65 1936 Bridgeport 50c, PCGS MS-67
1936 Bridgeport 50c, PCGS MS-67 1936D Cincinnati 50c, NGC MS-66 1936D Cincinnati 50c, NGC MS-66 1935 Connecticut 50c, NGC MS-65 1935 Connecticut 50c, NGC MS-65
1875H Canada Large Date 5c, Fine 1875H Canada Large Date 5c, Fine 1922 $10.00 Gold Certificate, Fr-1173, Uncirculated 1922 $10.00 Gold Certificate, Fr-1173, Uncirculated 1848 $1.00, NGC Uncirculated Details
1848 $1.00, NGC Uncirculated Details 1878 7TF Reverse of 1879, NGC MS-63* 1878 7TF Reverse of 1879, NGC MS-63* 1878CC $1.00, NGC MS-62 1878CC $1.00, NGC MS-62
1879CC Capped CC $1.00, EF 1879CC Capped CC $1.00, EF 1880S $1.00, NGC MS-65 1880S $1.00, NGC MS-65 1880S $1.00, PCGS MS-66
1880S $1.00, PCGS MS-66 1889S $1.00, PCGS MS-63 1889S $1.00, PCGS MS-63 1890S $1.00, PCGS MS-65 1890S $1.00, PCGS MS-65
1935 $1.00, MS-65 1935 $1.00, MS-65 1837 No Stars 10c, ANACS VF-35 1837 No Stars 10c, ANACS VF-35 1942/1 10c, EF
1942/1 10c, EF 1851O $1.00 Gold, Uncirculated 1851O $1.00 Gold, Uncirculated 1855 $1.00 Gold, Uncirculated 1855 $1.00 Gold, Uncirculated
1861 $1.00 Gold, NGC MS-62 1861 $1.00 Gold, NGC MS-62 1899 $1.00 Gold, PCGS MS-63 1899 $1.00 Gold, PCGS MS-63 1905 $2.50, PCGS MS-64
1905 $2.50, PCGS MS-64 1854 $3.00, AU-55 1854 $3.00, AU-55 1856 $3.00, NGC AU-55 1856 $3.00, NGC AU-55
1878 $3.00, NGC AU-58 1878 $3.00, NGC AU-58 1899 $5.00, MS-62 1899 $5.00, MS-62 1901S $10.00, PCGS MS-64
1901S $10.00, PCGS MS-64 1907 Indian $10.00, Uncirculated 1907 Indian $10.00, Uncirculated 1889 $20.00, Uncirculated 1889 $20.00, Uncirculated
1923 $20.00, AU 1923 $20.00, AU 1927 $20.00, NGC MS-64 1927 $20.00, NGC MS-64 1928 $20.00, PCGS MS-62
1928 $20.00, PCGS MS-62 Netherlands-Utrecht 1711 Ducat Netherlands-Utrecht 1711 Ducat Netherlands-Utrecht 1724 Ducat Netherlands-Utrecht 1724 Ducat
Netherlands-Utrecht 1724 Ducat Netherlands-Utrecht 1724 Ducat South Africa 1978 Krugerrand, with 14K bezel South Africa 1978 Krugerrand, with 14K bezel 1855 1/2c, MS-60RD
1855 1/2c, MS-60RD 1859 1/2 10c, PCGS MS-65 1859 1/2 10c, PCGS MS-65 1872S Below 1/2 10c, NGC MS-64 1872S Below 1/2 10c, NGC MS-64
1806/5 Large Stars 50c, O-103, PCGS AU-50 1806/5 Large Stars 50c, O-103, PCGS AU-50 1817 50c, O-111, NGC MS-64 1817 50c, O-111, NGC MS-64 1828 Square Base 2, Small 8, AU-58
1828 Square Base 2, Small 8, AU-58 1837 Reeded Edge 50c, NGC Uncirculated Details 1837 Reeded Edge 50c, NGC Uncirculated Details 1854 Arrows 50c, AU-58 1854 Arrows 50c, AU-58
1857O 50c, MS-60 1857O 50c, MS-60 1886 50c, NGC AU-50 1886 50c, NGC AU-50 1849 Large 1c, MS-64BN
1849 Large 1c, MS-64BN 1835 25c, NGC XF-40 1835 25c, NGC XF-40 1863 1c, PCGS MS-64 1863 1c, PCGS MS-64
1876 1c 1876 1c 1877 1c, EF 1877 1c, EF 1909 VDB
1909 VDB 1909S/Horizontal S, PCGS MS-65RD 1909S/Horizontal S, PCGS MS-65RD 1942 1c, PCGS PR-66RD 1942 1c, PCGS PR-66RD
1875S Trade $1.00, NGC Uncirculated Details 1875S Trade $1.00, NGC Uncirculated Details 1876S Trade $1.00, NGC Uncirculated Details 1876S Trade $1.00, NGC Uncirculated Details 1877S Trade $1.00, NGC AU-55
1877S Trade $1.00, NGC AU-55 1882 Trade $1.00, NGC PF-63 1882 Trade $1.00, NGC PF-63 1875S 20c, MS-63 1875S 20c, MS-63
1859 Nicholas I Memorial Rouble, Y-28, NGC AU-55 1859 Nicholas I Memorial Rouble, Y-28, NGC AU-55

Centennial Auctions

1857 White Mountain Highway North Conway, NH ‚Äč03860-5158

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